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Workshop Circular Sweater Project Hannah
Eco Printing Workshop Circular Sweater P

Workshops & Lectures

  1. Guess the facts about fashion - Lecture - Introduction to fashion, sustainability, circularity - Looking together at the industry through an interactive approach

  2. Textile Sustain-Ability - Workshop on sustainable textiles

  3. Supply Yourself - On sustainable textile and clothing suppliers

  4. Pro-duction? - On sustainable production

  5. From then to now into the future - Workshop on the conventional fashion and textile industry and its already existing alternatives

  6. Galaxies of Magic - Eco-Printing - Creativity & Team Building - Print intuitively on textiles with plants

  7. Living in Water Colors - Watercolor Painting Workshop - Creativity & Team Building - Make watercolors from plants and paint intuitively with them

  8. Bag to Bags Workshop - Creativity & Team Building - Upcycling from your favorite plastic waste :)

  9. Going Against the Current - Blind drawing workshop à la Picasso - Creativity & Team Building - drawing made accessible - observe & implement - activate new brain strands

  10. Stand for Yourself - Leadership & Mindset - Design your own statement shirt - values, positioning, empowerment

  11. Belief in Yourself - Breaking belief patterns through creativity - Leadership & Mindset

  12. Your Impact & Position - Leadership & Mindset - Activate and strengthen your inner self

  13. Value Your Value - Values Workshop - Leadership & Mindset - with concrete implementation and applied creativity to strengthen values in everyday (work) life

  14. Stress Release Workshop - Leadership & Mindset - What is stress? What does it contribute to? Where does it come from? - Practices and techniques for stress regulation, management and minimization

Get in touch with us via if you're interested or have any questions.

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