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How we work

1. Our fabrics come with the highest organic quality and social production conditions. Parts of our fabrics come with an OCC guarantee. We disclose what this means exactly: The imprinted QR code leads to our Digital Sweater, where you can find information about the production data and our supply chains, among other things.

2. We work exclusively with zero waste. The cuts are optimized to leave low amounts of fabric left overs. And all unavoidable textile waste is processed and woven into pillows and bags by our upcyling cooperation partner SICA.

3. Our clothes and dyes are not only free of toxins and microplastics, but can even be biodegraded in just a few months.

4. We print with biodegradable, cradle-to-cradle certified inks.

5. We embroider with biodegradable, cradle-to-cradle certified threads made from Tencel.

6. Our transport routes are as short as possible. Sewing is currently done less than 200km from Berlin, in a family business in Szczecin that has a been producing for international organic brands for years. On longer terms, we plan to open our own production facility in Brandenburg.


7. We don't want to sell as many new sweaters as possible, we want to save resources. Thus, we take back used clothing that we have produced ourselves, upcycle them or spin them into new yarn. To ensure that we get back as many sweaters as possible, we are part of the Circular.Fashion pilot project: Thanks to sewn-in RFID-codes, our sweaters that end up in textile waste are also sent back to us.


8. We understand our sweaters as archives of unknown circular futures: Our research into innovative materials, digital working methods and natural dyeing methods is always accompanied and guided by curiosity about ancient, forgotten knowledge.


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