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Our Mission

Our products are what so many of us want... but what supposedly is impossible:

They combine a lively, hip and colorful Berlin chic with real sustainability.


Our benchmark is complete circularity. Gold standard. While established labels are trying to become more sustainable, the Circular Sweater Project is built from the ground up circularily. We think and work in lifecycles - from the business model to the zero-waste product design and the after-sales-repair-and-upcycle-option.

By that, we address private customers for whom style and real sustainability are not a contradiction, but a necessity. Those who want to wear a statement and feel good in their clothes.

Secondly, we offer a B2B collection, which can be customized according to our customers' wishes. Thus, we help fashion labels, retailers and companies to become pioneers in sustainability and to open up new markets in the field of circularity.

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