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Hannah Schorch & Michael Westrich - Founders of Circular Sweater Project

This is us, Hannah and Michael.


Like so many people, we're trying to live more sustainably, regionally and consciously - but the fashion industry really doesn't make it easy. Much of the microplastic in the Arctic stems from polyester fibers that come off textiles when washed - and yet clothes made from recycled materials are considered the most sustainable thing you can buy. Even cotton sweaters contain microplastic!

The truth is: organic quality, recycling and sustainability promises are nothing more than a nice start. And a good selling point.


Is there no other way?


Yes, there is, Hannah says one day, "and I also know how". Hannah is a fashion designer, and she has been working on concepts for circular, toxic-free and zero waste clothing with her label erie Berlin for more than 10 years, starting long before circular economy gained its current popularity. And she's talking to Michael, a cultural anthropologist, filmmaker and editor who is passionate about social change and impact.

We're drinking coffee, and before the cups are empty, we have a new project. A Circular Sweater Project. A year and an incubator program later, the first product is ready for sale - framed by a zero-waste and repair concept for circular fashion that sets new standards.

A lighthouse on the horizon. A piece of hope. And a good example.

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