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Sweater Family Plain

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I love you and am so grateful to be part of your life.
I connect worlds. Through me you can hear their echo. I connect you. And you are part of my story and life path now. Thank you!

Sweater Family Plain.png
Sweater Family Plain.png

Production place:

Stettin, Poland

Printing place (Cradle to cradle):

Berlin, Germany

Sweater Family Plain.png

Organic fair cotton from:

Brazil & Uganda

Sweater Family Plain.png

Organic fair cotton thread from:




I grew up as a cotton plant, cared for by Mother Earth and fairly paid farmers of wonderful cooperatives. When I was old enough, I was spun into yarn from my fibers to become fabric. Raw cotton. I was spared from any toxins and micro-plastics, thankfully. I was sewn with great care after my trip to Europe. Many hands have made me what I am today, and my journey has taken years.

I now begin my first life as a sweater with you - another very special person.


My dream is to stay with you for a long time - I will do my best to meet your demands. When the time comes to let me go, please scan the QR code printed on me to see how to take me back. Because after my life with you, my parents will repair me and give me many more lives. I am completely biodegradable, but only in the very end, I will return to the earth and soil from which I was created.


100% CO

washing instructions.png
Handwash with natural detergent - can often also be aired out instead. Do not bleach, dry clean, tumble dry. Dry in shade. Iron on low heat. Do not wring. Use & love with all your heart!

PS: "Handwash" does not mean that you need to wash it by hand but a handwash/delicate program will do the job perfectly (probably better than you!)

Sweater Family Plain

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